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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for use of the Smart City Global Network homepage

  • 1. Scope

    This Privacy Policy applies to the use of the homepage of the “Smart City Global Network” ( – referred to hereafter as “the homepage”.)
    Other websites of related institutions deal with information separately, and the use of that information is the responsibility of the respective institution.

  • 2. Definition of “Personal Information”

    “Personal Information” refers to the addresses, names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other information that individuals have provided to the Kansai Science City Promotion Division of the Department of Policy Planning of Kyoto Prefectural Government (referred to hereafter as the “Kansai Science City Promotion Division”).
    Any information that can identify an individual’s identity shall be treated as “Personal Information.” This includes names that reveal the identity of an individual, and any information that, despite not knowing the name of the individual, can be linked with other pieces of information to determine an individual’s identity.

  • 3. Collection of Personal Information

    Users of this website agree on principle to allow the Kansai Science City Promotion Division to collect their submitted personal information. The purpose of the collection of personal information is made clear, and personal information is used only within the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.

  • 4. Handling of Personal Information

    The administrator(s) of the homepage will take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, alteration, or falsification of collected personal information, and any other measures to ensure overall protection.

  • 5. Related technological notes

    With regards to encryption of transmission data for security on the homepage, the URL of the homepage, beginning with “https://”, makes use of SSL to ensure secure transmission of data required for protection of personal information. (SSL = Secure Sockets Layer: data encryption security function which is able to prevent a third party from intercepting or altering data during transmission.) Please be aware that information on the page may be unable to be displayed or information unable to be entered due to issues such as differences in users’ browser and/or network settings.

  • 6. Cookies

    This homepage uses cookies to ensure that users can use font size and colour alteration functions. However, cookies do not store or allow the collection of personal data.

  • 7. Access Log information

    This homepage receives information on users’ computer terminals (IP address, browser information, domain name, access time, etc) and stores it in an access log. However this information cannot be used to identify individuals. Furthermore, although this access log information may be used in statistical analysis and public data, this information will only be used for this service’s management purposes, and not for any other purpose.